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Time For The Holidays, Prepare Now

By Rhonda Basler | October 21, 2014 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

Customer engagement is a must, but for anyone selling products or services that can be holiday purchases it becomes much more important in the fourth quarter of the calendar year. So, with both companies and personal friends and families competing for people’s attention, how can your company stand apart during the holiday season to truly engage your customers? It’s simpler than you might think.

Extend the Holidays

December tends to be the month when businesses focus their marketing efforts around promotions and other holiday inspired customer appreciation tactics. But, by connecting with your customers before Thanksgiving and extending efforts through Valentine’s Day, you can reach customers during prime buying seasons (plural!) and acquire the much needed attention to drive holiday sales forecasts.

Cut through the clutter and stand apart from the surplus of advertisements from late November to early January. Thanksgiving is a natural way for a company to extend sincere gratitude to customers for their patronage throughout the year. The timeframe just prior to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday is an ideal time to show you truly care. Valentine’s Day tends to be the ultimate holiday for candy, flower and jewelry companies to boost their marketing efforts. However, all businesses can seize the opportunity to impress customers by offering them something unexpected on and around Feb. 14. For retailers, this can drive post-holiday sales, but for other businesses clever messaging can play nicely with a “Customer Love” theme that isn’t too squishy or mushy, but is highly impactful to building long-term customer relationships. For example, a doctor’s office could reach out to its client by mailing a card expressing its ongoing appreciation. Or a hardware store could create a special offer exclusively for loyal customers to receive major discounts. Think outside of the box and view each holiday as an opportunity to connect with customers and generate customer love.

Whether you want to convey true customer appreciation, increase transaction amounts, improve customer retention, or create a new buying cycle for your customers, holidays, both traditional and non-traditional, give you the opportunity. Getting creative with holidays can be one of the most true and genuine ways to interact with your customers. To learn more business best practices for engaging in the holiday season, check out my recent Q&A article published in Integrated Solutions for Retailers.

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