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Where Technology Meets Human Moments

By Jonathan McClellan | October 20, 2015 | Blog Posts | Engage Employees

With nearly two-thirds of Americans using smartphones to engage with others, technology has become part our everyday life. While face-to-face interactions are still crucial, they aren’t always possible. Create a culture that generates human moments and builds relationships – even through digital channels.

It’s important to remember these digital connections can’t exist in isolation. Use them to strengthen and reinforce authentic, human moments. A study about the influence of smartphones on employee engagement found technology enhanced the participants’ abilities to engage in the workplace. It is essential in this day and age for employers to use technology to create engagement and foster recognition.

Here are three tips to create human moments in the workplace using technology.

  • Flexibility is key

No two employees are the same. Some employees appreciate recognition through e-cards, while others favor more public shoutouts. Plus, employers must adapt for telecommuting employees and identify ways to recognize them, as at-home workers amount to 30 million Americans today. Digital recognition is a perfect way to acknowledge both present and remote employees.

  • Find the humanity

Technology simultaneously connects and disconnects people around the world. It can easily distract us from creating real, human moments. Even when it isn’t possible in person, employers should make an effort to engage with their employees in a personal way. Taking the time to ask someone how their day is going or wish them a good weekend can go a long way. Find unique ways to integrate human touches into your electronic communications.

  • Personalized messaging

Employees want to feel valued. Once employers are familiar with their employees and learn about their preferences, they can tailor their messages to them. This act creates a special bond and lays the groundwork for healthy professional relationships.

When used as a tool to create human moments, technology can increase employee engagement, enabling a positive culture and better work outcomes. Connect to your employees in non-traditional ways and create authentic, human moments at every turn.

How do you use technology to create a human touch? Share with us in the comment section below or on our Facebook page.

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