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By Rhonda Basler | March 23, 2016 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

Hallmark Solutions for Medicare

By using the right strategy of gift card incentives and specially designed, personalized Hallmark cards and educational inserts, you’ll boost your Star Ratings by creating engaging wellness touchpoints with your members that result in measurable healthy behaviors and outcomes. Not only will your Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members become more focused on prevention, they’ll uncover undiagnosed conditions.

We’ve tested our approach to member engagement and found that Hallmark cards get your message opened, read and acted on better than other forms of healthcare direct mail. From design to mailing, every program detail is covered for you and completed with accuracy.

Rely on our member engagement programs to keep members healthy and encourage the diagnosis and management of chronic conditions.
We take an “all-carrot” approach when it comes to motivating members to visit their primary care physician (PCP) and get screenings, tests, and other preventive care. With a warm, personal voice of a friend, a Hallmark card is your best form of direct mail to educate and encourage Medicare Advantage members to get preventive care, continue treatment and keep your healthcare costs under control.

Good news! We meet all Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements.
We comply with all CMS requirements throughout the award and redemption process:

  • Written on a 4th grade reading level
  • Legible text with a 12-point font size
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Addressing includes return address logo and standard “Health and Wellness or Prevention Information” labeling

Motivate better health outcomes with member engagement.

how hallmark cards help health and wellness engagement


When was the last time you didn’t open a Hallmark card? Because your greeting card arrives with the famous Hallmark crown as a symbol of quality on the envelope, it’s sure to be trusted, opened, read and appreciated.

Hallmark writers and artists will create a greeting card to ensure your message sparkles with authenticity while still maintaining a business-appropriate tone and your brand standards.

You can include a coordinating insert conveying education, information and instruction in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand manner.

Boost adherence, close gaps in care and inspire Medicare Advantage and Medicaid members to take action by adding an incentive reward based on completion of the desired activity or behavior. Because people are motivated by different things, we offer a selection of hundreds of major-brand gift cards from quality merchants across the country. You have the option of limiting those choices to one particular merchant or just a selection of health-related brands.

If you’re just looking for incentive fulfillment only, we do that, too, with a quick turnaround delivered digitally or by mail.

Redeeming an incentive and choosing a gift card online is simple and intuitive. 93% of our survey respondents rated our site as easy-to-use. To personalize the experience and to reinforce the connection between your plan and the reward, the site can be personalized with your logo and brand colors. By also including a prepaid business envelope with the award certificate, mail-in redemption is a breeze, too. Every order received by 2 p.m. is sent out the same day.

Read a health and wellness case study, Rewarding Healthy Behaviors in a Medicare/Medicaid Special Needs Program (SNP), that proves how quickly a Hallmark health and wellness solution can impact your results.

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