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Seasonal Icons Connect Senders and Recipients

By Hallmark Business Connections | November 22, 2013 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

Companies are leaning more into traditional symbols of the season that best present their passion for the holidays. By carefully selecting an iconic greeting card, your business can create authentic connections to your employees, customers and partners. Here are a few of our favorites.

The mystery and awe of Santa and his sleigh Santa Greeting Card
Poinsettia Greeting Card The beautiful imagery of a Poinsettia
Worldwide Greeting Card A global greeting, stretching across nations
Who can forget the gang from Peanuts® Peanuts Greeting Card
Snowman Greeting Card A jolly snowman to convey the “Happiest of Holidays”

For more tips, visit us regularly over the next few weeks for insights into holiday card trends and tips on how to use greeting cards to strengthen your relationships with customers and employees this holiday season.

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