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The Rewards of Taking a Vacation

By Hallmark Business Connections | March 23, 2014 | Blog Posts | Engage Employees

More and more companies are developing employee recognition initiatives to reward the people who make their organization successful, while boosting job satisfaction and retention. Although it’s important to reward employees while at the office, it’s also important to recognize their hard work by honoring their paid time off. Unfortunately, not all employers understand the importance of vacation, and sometimes it’s the workers themselves that don’t get it, either.

Too many people feel they don’t have the time to take a vacation and fear the dreaded pile of work awaiting them when they return. Or, when they do take a vacation, they are constantly checking their email on the beach or searching for wifi in their mountain cabin. There’s never a perfect time to take a vacation from work, but as managers we can show appreciation for our employees’ hard work and dedication by helping clear the path for time away from the office.

Encouraging employees to take advantage of their earned time off demonstrates that leadership cares about their team members’ well-being and they value the importance of having a work/life balance. This recognition will go a long way to foster another big benefit – creating a human connection with employees.

A recent Forbes article shares good reasons to unplug and take a work-free vacation, including boosting productivity and increasing trust in team members. The author argues that skipping vacation time to work isn’t going to ultimately make a huge difference in your career. “This is a marathon, not a sprint,” the article states. “Stay fit for it.”

Vacation has both physical and mental health benefits. According to USA Today, studies have shown that people who take vacations have lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, and higher positive emotional levels. A change in scenery can also boost creativity and innovation.

The benefits of vacation outweigh temporarily setting aside your workload. Reinforcing a commitment to employee enrichment initiatives, including honoring time off, creates improved company culture, an increase in job satisfaction and higher retention rates.

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