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Recognition in Real Time Case Study

Case Study: Recognition in Real Time Leads to Participation and Engagement

By Hallmark Business Connections | May 2, 2017 | Employee Recognition Case Studies | Engage Employees


When a leading global accounting and professional services firm wanted to improve an already high standard of employee engagement, satisfaction and retention, they turned to Hallmark Business Connections for a recognition solution that could meet their rapidly growing needs.

Having been named one of Fortune magazine “100 Best Companies to Work For” ten years in a row, they clearly understood the role recognition played in attracting, developing and retaining top-tier talent. But being a complex, matrix organization of 40,000 with a large millennial workforce and many employees working in remote locations, they realized they had outgrown their existing recognition program.

  • Because their system required submitting a formal request to an administrator, the organization required a recognition platform that would allow leaders and managers to recognize employees directly with monetary awards.
  • To maximize reinforcement of the right behaviors, they looked for a tight turnaround in award delivery. Their old system could take weeks, and by that point the moment lost the desired impact.
  • In their fast-paced, client-focused, projectdriven environment, they needed a recognition program that would be close at hand in order to keep it top of mind.
  • Their current employee recognition solution relied on American Express® paper checks, which they found were not particularly memorable or emotionally satisfying.

It was easy to see that the client’s existing recognition program lacked administrative ease, urgency and employee appeal. It also suffered from inconsistent use by managers across the client’s four major lines of business. In short, their program failed to create an exciting and memorable experience.

Tasked with that challenge, Hallmark Business Connections provided strategic consulting and the technology to deliver recognition in a real time solution that was both easy to use and easy to access…See the results and download the full case study

Recognition in Real Time case study

Download the full case study.

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