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Motivation for using employee recognition

Motivating managers to use employee recognition programs

By Hallmark Business Connections | July 6, 2016 | Blog Posts | Employee Recognition Case Studies | Engage Employees


When you’re a leader in integrated pharmacy services, you know the cure for the common employee recognition program is a prescription for a better one. And a successful program is only as good as its leadership. So when an existing employee recognition program wasn’t being used to its full potential, a new solution was doctor’s orders.

That’s why we were called. The pharmacy services company needed our expertise to seize on the kind of message meant to engage managers in the importance of recognizing employees in order to bring out the best in them. Managers are the critical influencers on staff, and it’s the tone and attitude they set that makes employees feel valued.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution
A comprehensive relaunch of an outreach program designed to prime managers in the benefits of employee recognition

  • WebEx training was made available for managers to learn the importance of making their employees feel like irreplaceable team members.
  • Managers received an e-mail from the company CEO to let them know that senior management was on board with the program and needed their help to implement it.
  • An appealing banner was added to the company intranet as a friendly reminder to offer sincere appreciation of employee efforts.
  • An online quick start guide was made available to let managers know that employee recognition programs can be easy to implement.
  • An eye-catching sticker with the URL and password for the ordering site was given to managers to facilitate ease of use.

Manager participation more than doubled from the previous year, and this buy-in set the right tone and attitude for the overall success the program. Acknowledging the importance of management participation made them more aware of the critical role they play in inspiring and motivating their employees.

Motivated employees means better retention. Encouraged employees are more productive. Engaged employees make better decisions and feel included. But if this doesn’t come from the top-down, it’s just a pat on the back from the guy in the mailroom. Bringing managers on board and giving them the tools to truly impact their environments is key to good feelings all around. And who knows good feelings better than Hallmark?

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