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Increasing the diversity of incentives rewards at all levels of success.

By Hallmark Business Connections | July 6, 2016 | Blog Posts | Employee Recognition Case Studies | Engage Employees

When you’re a top wireless service provider, communication is your business. But sometimes bringing that communication into the workplace to engage employees, reward performance, and realize goals can be a challenge. How can managers reward high achievers, make more high achievers, and unify under the company vision? And how do you educate the managers themselves about the critical nature of recognition to invigorate teams and increase retention?

The wireless company needed a diverse employee recognition program that would cover multiple situations with a variety of tools and resources. They were looking for a communications company that could meet all of these needs.

In other words, the call went out to us. We are the number one choice for positive messages that build and strengthen relationships. To us, employee recognition is more than a pat on the back, it’s acknowledging the contribution of an individual, a person, a human being. Our expertise is in personal connections that go beyond the standard “good job” to “you are valued here,” and that can make all the difference.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution

  • We created strategic solutions and program enhancements to increase the choices available to recognize performance.
  • Recommendations went beyond the one-size fits all awards programs to give managers a variety of recognition tools from a simple thank you to acknowledgement of significant milestones.
  • We also emphasized senior management buy-in to the program to apprise managers of the value of employee recognition.
  • Non-monetary awards were made available for the smaller accomplishments that still deserved appreciation.
  • Almost twenty new merchants were added to the awards redemption list to increase the variety of reward choices and make them more personalized.

The renewed program benchmark was set with 45,795 awards delivered. With the additional choices in messaging, awards and emphasis on recognizing both large and small accomplishments, the following year saw a 134% increase in awards given. Employees expressed better job satisfaction, increased teamwork, and were more likely to speak up and offer input.

Who doesn’t like a pat on the back? Sometimes it’s nicer to get one for something you didn’t even think was a big deal. To feel like that your day-to-day contributions are acknowledged and appreciated. We know that a small expression of gratitude can have big results; people are inspired when they feel valued. And today’s encouragement is what makes tomorrow’s leaders more confident and creative.

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