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How to Improve Employee Recognition with the New Incentives Offering from Hallmark Business Connections

By Hallmark Business Connections | August 17, 2015 | Blog Posts | Engage Employees

As the saying goes, “a company is only as good as its people.”

Successful business leaders understand this and, as a result, make it a priority to recognize the performance and achievements of dedicated staff.  They go out of their way to express genuine feelings of gratitude and encouragement, establishing emotional connections that make a deep, lasting impression on employees across the organization.

At Hallmark Business Connections, we believe strongly in the power of employee recognition to build and strengthen motivated, high-performing teams.  By shining a spotlight on the attitudes and behaviors that define workplace excellence, we help companies big and small establish a culture of sustained employee enrichment that rewards teamwork, milestones, innovation, customer service, and more.

In short, we help companies call out great work! 

With the launch of our new employee recognition awards, Hallmark Business Connections has made this process easier than ever before.  Our incentive products allow businesses to acknowledge individual and team-wide achievements, personalize communications, and build a stronger relationship with employees.

The best part?  Awards can be redeemed for hundreds of national merchants (big-brand retailers, restaurants, recreation and travel gift cards, etc.), allowing employees to choose the recognition award most meaningful to them.

Let’s take a look at how to improve employee recognition with our new incentives offering:

Step One:

Select a recognition award of your choosing and indicate the amount of the award ($10 to $1000 in $5 multiples).  Award categories include achievement, congratulations, holiday, and thank you.

This is your opportunity to celebrate the people who make your company successful, so make sure to select the award that will have the biggest impact on the individual employee being recognized!

ER 1

Step Two:

Show your appreciation with a personal message of praise by clicking “Personalize.”  Choose to add a short greeting, personal message, and a sentence or two listing who the award is from (i.e., “From all of us in human resources!” or “We’re happy to have you as part of our outstanding sales team!”).

Check the box “Include recipient names(s) on the certificate” if so desired (enter names in the next step).  (Note: You can also order awards without adding names or a message.)

ER 2

Step Three:

Enter the email delivery information (first name, last name & email address) for the employee(s) being recognized.  Awards can also be mailed directly to recipients (or manager), so there is an option to provide the appropriate mailing address.

ER 3

Step Four:

Review messaging & delivery information in the final pane and click “Approve & Add to Cart” once the order is finalized.

The recognition award will include a code number redeemable online for your recipient(s)’ choice of gift cards from major retailers, restaurants, recreation, and travel providers.

The end result?  Happy employees who get to pick their favorite gift cards!

ER 4

Final Thoughts

To inspire employees to become truly engaged in their work, successful business leaders understand they must establish a workplace culture that rewards staff for exemplary performance.  But employee recognition doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive; often, the best forms of recognition involve simply taking the time to express sincere thanks for a job well done!

By following the above steps, companies can improve employee recognition efforts and show staff that their hard work and dedication is appreciated across the organization.

Learn more about Hallmark Business Connections’ recognition awards.


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