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We all know the power of positive reinforcement. Recognizing great performance when it happens not only reinforces that employee’s behavior, it sets an example for others to follow. Whether extraordinary effort comes from a single individual or an entire team, it’s important for a leader, manager or peer to call out the success in real-time, before the moment is gone.

Company Values


You work hard to create a culture and identity that’s unique to your business. Real-time recognition for exemplary behavior shines a light on the actions and attitudes you’re looking for in your employees and makes it easier to build a workforce that understands how to bring your company’s values to life in meaningful and relevant ways.



When employees understand how to create a safer work environment, they’re more likely to avoid accidents in the first place—which lowers your costs and liability expenses. We’ll help you provide awards and incentives to employees that honor them for understanding and contributing to your company’s safety goals, whether through training, advocating or simply setting a good example.



Innovation ranks #2 on the list of CEO top five challenges. That’s because CEOs know that new ideas give a business its competitive advantage like nothing else can. When you reward employees for forward thinking, you reinforce an innovative culture and fuel the growth of your company.

Better engagement means better results.

According to Gallup, the top quartile of engaged organizations—those companies with the highest level of engagement—outperform the bottom, less-engaged quartile of companies in several ways.

workplace excellence recognition benefits

Real-time recognition leads to future success.

Taking the time to call out employees for their accomplishments, however small, is the key to inspiring them to do bigger and better things. With our real-time recognition solutions, you can connect with them when the moment is right—even when you’re on the go.

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Custom Hallmark Greeting Cards
The envelope. The seal. The message that hits home. There’s a reason Hallmark cards are known for being the very best. And an exemplary, forward-thinking employee deserves nothing less. Whether your customized card is given digitally or in person, it’s guaranteed to motivate employees and peers, and inspire even more great work.

Award Certificates
Our recognition platform is built on the ability to add branding and personalized messages to the award certificate, helping employees feel more connected to you and each other. Send one digitally or print a tangible certificate to hand out in a meeting for even greater visibility.

Gift Card Incentives
When employees impress you with great contributions to your business, reward them with something they really want—the option to redeem a reward from hundreds of retailers, restaurants, travel and entertainment providers.

Scalable and simple.
From pre-launch onward, we’re with you every step of the way. You’ll get…

  • Configurable, customizable software ready to meet your business objectives.
  • Built-in HRIS and SSO capabilities.
  • Recognition sent via desktop, tablet or smart phone.
  • Online dashboards filled with insights into the success of your program.
  • Accurate financial reporting and compliance.
  • Ongoing training.

It’s easy to see why one of our clients named by Fortune as one of the 100 Best Companies to Work For reached 70% participation in the first year of use.

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