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Professional Goals


Everybody wants to know that there’s a real purpose to what they do every day. By giving employees the feedback they crave and the training they need to grow, you’ll be fueling motivation and engagement, nurturing emerging leaders, and investing in the future of your company as a whole.

Life Events


You know that the people who work for your company are more than just employees. Acknowledging and celebrating the off-the-clock moments that make them who they are—from birthdays to the arrival of a baby to the loss of a loved one—are vital to building and nurturing authentic connections. And nobody does that better than Hallmark.



When people make healthier choices, it shows at home and at the office. That’s good for your business—it means fewer sick days, lower health care costs and higher productivity. In fact, companies that promote wellness are estimated to be three times more productive than those that don’t. Wellness cards, certificates and incentives are easy ways to reward not simply an employee, but the person as a whole.

Professional goals improve the workforce mindset.

Employees working at a company that offers an enriched environment for career development, including recognition programs, are 4x as engaged.

Employees are 4x more engaged when their company utilizes  career development

We get the blur between work and home.

Who we are is bigger than what we do from 9:00 to 5:00. Recognizing your employees’ life-defining moments and personal motivations—both at home and at work—helps them feel connected to your business and each other.


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Custom Hallmark Greeting Cards
Hallmark has been perfecting emotional engagement for more than 100 years, which means we’ve mastered how to say everything from happy birthday to congrats to sorry for your loss. Whether digital or tangible, receiving a Hallmark card really resonates with people, and we have the stats to prove it.

Award Certificates
Encourage an employee’s career growth or recognize their participation in wellness programs with Award Certificates. Our awards can be branded for your business or campaign and are easy to personalize with specific details and your own words, which helps you sound real, genuine and sincere.

Gift Card Incentives
Who doesn’t enjoy having a say in how to redeem their monetary gift or health reward? Allowing employees to choose the type of reward they receive gives our gift cards and the experiences they create a real, emotional value. Our quick gift card delivery is a pleasure, too, with a one-hour turnaround for eGift Cards and same-day mailings.

Work can be hard. Recognizing hard work isn’t.
Your enterprise-wide platform is your own Recognition Central with access to all the programs, tools and resources your managers and employees need to applaud greatness as soon as they see it. With a simple, intuitive delivery system, you have access to timely, direct and personal recognition.

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