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There's an art to creating meaningful connections with people...an art Hallmark understands better than anyone else.

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The Hallmark Approach to Customer Engagement

Today, Hallmark is more inspired than ever to help people connect more meaningfully. Apply that focus to the business world and you'll get customer engagement programs that emotionally connect buyers to brands. Using greeting cards, eCards and gift card incentives, we break through the clutter of other tactics to create direct marketing and customer experiences with measurable increases in response rates, digital engagement, net promoter scores and social media advocacy.


Career Milestones

Create meaningful recognition moments at all stages of your employees’ careers, beginning with day one.

• Welcome employees on their first day
• Celebrate years of service
• Honor a retiree’s career contribution

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Company Celebrations

Fuel company-wide camaraderie by appreciating and awarding your staff at the holidays or fiscal year-end.

• Recognize and reward your key performers
• Celebrate holidays and commemorate company victories

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Workplace Excellence

Inspire employees to do bigger and better things by recognizing successes in the moment with our real-time tools.

• Call out a workplace accomplishment
• Recognize behaviors that build your culture
• Honor employees for contributing to a safe work environment
• Reward employees for innovative thinking

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Personal Growth

Because the moments that happen outside of work shape your employees at work.

• Set goals that motivate employees and groom leadership
• Acknowledge and celebrate an employee’s off-the-clock moments
• Promote and reward healthier choices to fuel productivity

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You appreciate their contributions. So tell them.

Hallmark can help you tell your employees just how appreciated they are.


“What I would tell someone having some challenges is if they’re looking for good customer service, great creative, good marketing and an overall great product, they should choose Hallmark Business Connections.”

—Shannon Murray, Compensation Manager, CSX Transportation

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