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Hallmark cards—your new best marketing tactic with higher ROI than other formats.

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Customer Loyalty & Retention


Not only do customers want quality products and services, they want to feel good about being your customer. In short, they want YOUR loyalty. That’s where the Hallmark experience makes a measurable difference. You’ll be connected to your customers in a way that’s authentically appreciative. We help you get your customers’ attention in a personal way, reducing churn and driving buying behavior at critical times.

Customer Acquisition


First impressions are critical. Anything that tips the scale in your favor when it comes to influencing a potential customer’s perception is a smart direct marketing move. Your Hallmark card brings instant recognition and a personal sincerity to this introduction. Connect with Millennials, multi-lingual segments and other distinct demographics with our people insights and expertise. With Hallmark, your first impressions will be more impressive.

Hallmark cards perform better than other direct mail formats.


In a custom-designed Hallmark greeting card, our client sent a holiday message of appreciation and tested three offers. Our client was happy to report the boost in response rates made the campaign a success.

Direct Marketing Results Infographic

Want to create lifelong fans?

Give your customers a memorable Hallmark experience that lets them know how important they are. Our greeting cards and eCards produce business results because they help you create genuinely warm, personal experiences, whether you’re sending an exclusive offer, invitation or heartfelt message of appreciation. Our numbers prove it out.


Hallmark Direct Marketing Services


Custom Hallmark Greeting Cards & eCards
You’re not just sending a card, you’re sending a Hallmark card. The instantly recognized envelope and gold seal make your mail piece stand out from the clutter of other direct mail offers. Open that envelope and you’ll know why Hallmark is the #1 greeting card brand.* Seventy-two percent of consumers in a research study showed a marked preference for us vs. our competitors.** If digital delivery is more your style, we’ve tested our eCard format and found that adding the Hallmark name in the subject line boosts an open rate by 5-10%. Because of the sincerity of your personalized message and the relationship building power of a card, your customers will readily take up your call to action.

Informational Inserts/Buck Slips
Let us help you put the special in your offers. Surrounded by Hallmark’s world-class design and artistry, customers perceive your very special offer as a gift from your company. Coordinated to work in harmony with your greeting card, the accompanying buck slip gives you room to explain your promotion, complete with terms and conditions.

Gift Card Incentives
If you’re looking to entice a customer to try something new or show a special measure of appreciation or apology, we can easily help you add a little something extra to the package. You or your customers will have their choice of hundreds of major-brand gift cards from retailers and restaurants and travel and entertainment providers.

Boost response rates without increasing effort.
Hallmark Business Connections makes your direct mail efforts more impactful while eliminating the hassle. You get better response with less effort, and that means greater return on your investment.

After successfully working with so many direct marketing clients, we have mastered the process of sending thousands—even millions—of real Hallmark cards and make it easy to test, implement and manage the process start to finish.

*Consumer Direct Marketing Communications Study, MarketTools
**Harris Poll® EquiTrend Study

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