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When you send Hallmark cards and gift card incentives, you're not just saying you care about customers, you're showing it.

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Direct Marketing

Stop sending marketing mail and start sending Hallmark cards. Boost your response rate with warmer, more meaningful tactics your customers can’t wait to open.

• Earn customer loyalty by fostering genuine relationships
• Acquire new customers by making a great first impression

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Customer Experience

Become a memorable part of your customers’ lives and you’ll gain customers for life. Let them know how important they are and improve your satisfaction and net promoter scores.

• Empower frontline employees to connect with customers
• Turn special occasions into business results you’ll celebrate
• Make your business style more personally inviting

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Health & Wellness

Discover the power of Hallmark cards & gift card incentives with response rates as high as 44%. Let us help you create a winning strategy to increase engagement, HEDIS® performance and Star® Ratings.

• Spark the right behaviors with flexible power-of choice gift cards
• Take a warmer approach to your member outreach for better results

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Be the bright spot in your customer’s day.

With personalized Hallmark greeting cards, it takes less than a minute to boost both customer satisfaction and employee engagement.


“Now our associates have a tangible, measurable way to act on our company’s commitment to our customers. We’ve seen a boost in our quality scores just 30 days after we started using Customer Care. That’s an accomplishment that has made us all proud. The whole program has performed beyond our expectations.”

—Alicia Roach, Program Leader and Royal Oak Call Center Manager

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