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Cultivate Trust Through Customer Advocacy

By Rhonda Basler | January 21, 2014 | Blog Posts | Engage Customers

How would your customers describe your business? Are you reliable and honest? Do you provide a quality service or product and then back that up with support? Or does your company struggle with some of these issues.

Businesses sometimes struggle with how to cultivate customer trust. It can sometimes feel like building trust is akin to gathering wind with your bare hands. You can feel it and understand its power, but it’s difficult to see and measure.

One way to address the desire to cultivate trust is by understanding it cannot be created artificially by a business. People don’t trust corporations. They trust people. They trust recommendations provided by friends and colleagues they already trust. Businesses can leverage that natural cycle by working to create customer advocates.

A true customer advocate is simply a person who has had a great experience. Once the ball is rolling with a positive experience, advocacy is created organically. How? A typical American will mention brands 60 times per week. Of those 60 mentions, the vast majority (66%) are positive.

This shows us people want to share positive experiences they have had with your brand. If they enjoyed a truly remarkable experience, they want their friends to experience the same thing, and their word goes a long way. While only 20% of people trust companies, 70% trust a recommendation from a friend.

Be sure to check out our infographic on True Customer Engagement to learn more about these best practices and the statistics that validate their significance.

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