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Crayola case study in renewing customer relationships

Crayola: Renewing Relationships and Encouraging Loyalty

By Hallmark Business Connections | March 14, 2011 | Blog Posts | Customer Engagement Case Studies | Engage Customers

Background: For over a hundred years, the Crayola crayon has gone to school with us, played with us on a rainy afternoon, and introduced us to the wonders of Burnt Sienna and Orange Red.  Who doesn’t remember the first time they saw the 64-Color Box with Built-In Sharpener; the Holy Grail of crayons?

Crayola respects this history and wanted to acknowledge the role of teachers in the lives of children. Hallmark Business Connections was enlisted to boost engagement with elementary school staff: administrators, teachers and parents, to remind them of their colorful relationship with Crayola.  Add to that the filter down impact to the parents and children and you have a winning program with measurable impact.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution

  • Artists from Hallmark designed colorful and eye-catching greeting cards for each group: classroom teachers, art teachers, and school administrators.
  • The designs incorporated artwork and quotes from children who participated in the Crayola Dream Makers Program; an initiative that underscored the importance of art in educating school children.
  • Messages were highly personal and uplifting, expressing gratitude and admiration for the contributions of teachers and school personnel.
  • The messages contained an insert offering free Crayola product samples redeemable via Crayola’s website. The website also contained lesson plans and other educator resources that emphasized creativity and all its possibilities.

Wow! This program netted the highest reach ever by a Crayola engagement initiative. Redemption rates for samples and other materials at Crayola’s website were:

  • Adminstrators:  10%
  • Art Teachers:  26%
  • Classroom Teachers:  15%

The success rate of this program also renewed the long and vital relationship between Crayola and educators.

You can’t get more colorful than Crayola or more insightful than the specialists at Hallmark Business Connections. Combine the two and you get a successful and inspirational outreach for an iconic brand that exceeded expectations and made the world just a little more Jazzberry Jam.

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