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How Crayola Engaged and Celebrated Facebook Fans blog

Crayola: Engaging and Celebrating Facebook Fans

By Hallmark Business Connections | July 19, 2013 | Blog Posts | Customer Engagement Case Studies | Engage Customers

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other Pink Flamingo or Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown or Mango Tango. When you’re friends with Crayola, you’re friends for life. So whether you jumped on the bandwagon with Lemon Yellow or are coloring the ocean Pacific Blue with your kids or grandkids, the Crayola brand is the iconic symbol of togetherness, connection and creativity.

As Crayola quickly approached a major milestone in their social media program, they teamed up with Hallmark Business Connections to help them find a way to note the achievement of attracting a million Facebook fans–a great accomplishment to celebrate and a smart thing to promote in order to engage even more moms, dads and other friendly grown-ups.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution
Hallmark Business Connections team went to the drawing board and created an animation that announced the milestone and celebrated the Crayola spirit in the words of their biggest fans–kids!

  • Relying on the genius that only kids can bring, our creative staff quickly decided to put them in the starring roles. By using a child’s voice, we could capture an authentic, unscripted tone that’s key to engaging customers in a genuine way. (Turns out Hallmark Business Connections has some pretty talented offspring, so we invited employee parents to bring their children to help with voice-overs.)
  • Knowing the social media community is all about commenting and quick stories, we asked each child to chime in with their plans for celebrating Crayola’s millionth Facebook friend, each idea being bigger, better and more fantastical than the one before.
  • We couldn’t forget about the moms who are a crucial part of this connecting equation. As the primary purchaser of Crayola products, her voice needed to be heard as well. At the end of the video, she stated the promotional offer—something sure to get all the other moms’ attention.
  • The child-like hand-drawn lettering and illustrations let us play up the creativity in the wide array of crayon colors people know and love.
  • We used the online medium to our advantage.
    • Music and different voices added extra emotional impact, making the video more lively and more memorable.
    • In order to drive traffic to the Crayola site, the offer was an online exclusive.
    • The execution had to be flawless, but getting video to work without so much as a hiccup on so many digital and mobile devices can be technologically problematic, so it was test, test, test and test again.

And here’s the finished product.

Talk about getting attention and enough sharing to make mom (and our client) proud. The video and offer…

  • reached 73,396 Facebook users (6.5% of reach was viral).
  • engaged 1,789 people with 20 comments, 169 likes, 38 shares, 1470 clicks, 1121 video plays.
  • spurred 274 people to create a story about the post (Talking About This).

So yes, in terms of numbers, this video was a huge success, but even more importantly, it created a sense of community. Built with insightful emotional expertise, the video connected people to the Crayola brand, giving them the experience of the timelessness of childhood.

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