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Customer Care KCP&L Case Study

Case Study: Increasing customer and employee satisfaction with a Hallmark card

By Hallmark Business Connections | May 9, 2017 | Blog Posts | Customer Engagement Case Studies | Engage Customers

How the Hallmark Customer Care Solution enhanced the customer experience for KCP&L


Providing energy for over 800,000 customers across 47 counties is sure to generate a daily barrage of happy, unhappy and far-from-happy calls. For the customer service representatives charged with being the frontline face of the company, providing supportive customer service and maintaining a positive attitude can be daunting.

As the predominant utility company for northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas, KCP&L is always committed to make a positive difference in the lives of the people they serve. With their call center fielding over 5,000 calls per day, they wanted to enhance their customer experience even more  with an impactful solution that could be tracked and measured.

KCP&L customer service representatives always have a desire to do more to help customers that might be struggling with a personal issue, having a billing or service problem or are celebrating a happy event. At that point, CSRs had limited resources to do much beyond their expressions of empathy during phone conversations.

That need was the beginning of a successful partnership. We provided the utility a functionally easy program that representatives could use at their discretion.


The program is based on the simple concept that sending and receiving personalized Hallmark cards creates a sincere and emotional connection that is appreciated and even treasured by both CSRs and customers. KCP&L CSRs were now able to quickly and easily respond to a customer interaction while it was taking place by:

  1.  Using a specifically designed interface to select from a variety of 50 Hallmark cards, including Spanish-language options, created for 17 different sending occasions.
  2.  Selecting a professionally written sentiment and personal message (or personalize it with their own words)
  3.  Clicking send.

Hallmark then prints and mails the card which typically arrives in two or three business days.


Immediately, customers were surprised and delighted by their utility company demonstrating such a level of care. CSRs felt more engaged and empowered in their roles because of their ability to make a sincere difference in a customer’s day.

KCP&L case study results

The program results indicated:

  • 89% of card recipients gave KCP&L the highest approval rating possible. This compares to only 76% given by those not receiving a card.
  • 81% of customers reported their perception of KCP&L had greatly improved.
  • 94% of employees responded that the program gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment.

Customers began calling to say thank you, mailing cards back and telling their family and friends how happy and appreciated the greeting card made them feel. 89% 76% no card By sending Hallmark cards, CSRs were able to continue the warmth, caring and compassion that began during the phone call and created warm and caring moments that matter for both KCP&L customers and employees.


The Hallmark brand is synonymous with sincerity and caring. The envelope, gold seal and Hallmark quality are instantly recognizable and the personalized message makes it truly memorable. In fact, the success of the KCP&L program garnered the attention of Forbes.com author Micah Solomon, who wrote:

quotation markThe effect goes beyond the impact of empathy on the customers receiving the cards. It also helps the customer service representatives themselves feel empowered to “ make a difference to the people they serve.

With the Customer Care Solution, KCP&L increased customer satisfaction and employee engagement scores through the power of a Hallmark card and an act of human compassion.

quotation markI want to say thank you for the get well card…be sure to let Angie know I said thank you. You know, it’s kind of nice we are not recognized as a source of money, but as a person too. “ – Constance, Shawnee, KS

Let Hallmark Business Connections put the power of a Hallmark card to work enhancing your engagement efforts and raising satisfaction for your employees and customers. Download the full KCP&L case study

Customer Care KCP&L Case Study

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