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Banking On Health Risk Assessments Pays Off

By Hallmark Business Connections | September 13, 2010 | Blog Posts | Customer Engagement Case Studies | Engage Customers

Employees that sit at their desks day after day for hours at a stretch have a higher risk for a variety of health issues. And as most employers frown on jogging around the office, doing push-ups in the cafeteria, or yoga in the boardroom, it can be difficult to balance fitness and the workday. But employers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of incorporating health and wellness programs for their employees. Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) are a fine way to make employees aware of their own habits and empower them to make more positive choices about their health.

This doesn’t mean the end of doughnuts or birthday cake; it simply means balance and moderation. It means putting people in touch with their own well-being and encouraging beneficial changes.

When a large regional bank wanted to test a new health and wellness program that included HRAs, they were concerned about obtaining sufficient enrollment to gather baseline data before rolling it out company-wide.

We were enlisted to create an effective outreach that would encourage participation, as well as test the waters for the kind of incentive that would pay off. We knew how to craft the perfect message that would motivate employees not only to complete the assessments but also acknowledge their employer’s support to help them get and stay healthy.

The Hallmark Business Connections Solution
We created a two-part test program to determine which incentive would yield the higher HRA completion results:

  • Group One: A direct-to-payroll deposit of $50 was offered for completion.
  • Group Two: Also offered $50 but in the form of an award that could be redeemed for their choice of hundreds of gift cards.

Group One had a completion rate of only 11.6%. Group Two had an amazing 40% completion rate, a 344% improvement over the cash incentive. The client was also very pleased with how our award generated very positive word-of-mouth awareness within the bank and was much more warmly received than the cash incentive.

Hallmark Business Connections knows how people think. A bit of extra money in the bank means paying a bill or buying groceries. A gift card gives you permission to indulge yourself, maybe buy a gift for someone else, or take the family out for dinner. At Hallmark Business Connections, we understand how important these little chances to pamper yourself can be. And an award for making an effort towards healthier living just calls out for a treat.

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